So. This is where I tell you who I am. Where I box myself in to a tight little package so you can answer yourself two fundamental questions.

One, what is he selling me, and two, am I buying it?

Well... Box me when I'm six feet deep. Since I'm the one writing this, I'm not really cool with cheering on about myself while trying to sell you 'me' like some jumped-up ego ad. If you wanna know my aspirations, listen to the Pinky and the Brain intro (psyche). If you wanna know my background, blend up the movie Stand By Me with 90's hip hop music (which would then equal my childhood) and add a heavy dose of ridiculous buzz-driven stupidity (which would equal me now), and there you have it. Alternatively, quit reading this and just listen to my music. 

That being said, I haven't released my new material online yet. The only stuff you'll hear right now is from a session me and SK (a dope producer I work with) did back in 2009, when we were offered a month of free recording time at his music college if we wanted it. We slammed some tracks together real quick and recorded them with minimal time for editing, with the intention of just chucking something out real quick as apposed to recording an LP. We called the cd Polyrically Correct. You'll have to come see us live to peep what we're really about now, which is an altogether different animal to the material you'll hear on that cd.

Anyways... I barely sleep because it's boring. I barely sit because it's exhausting and I never ever do nothing because I'm pretty sure I'd explode. Keep moving forward, whether destructive or otherwise. God bless progress as some might say.

I've launched my own clothing label Victim Wear, simply because 1) I'm sick of wearing other people's brands like some kind of walking, talking, shitting billboard, and 2) no other clothing label really captures what I'm about. As in, everything you've just read. Those who read this and relate, Victim Wear is for you. Those who don't, it's not. Check out the site for my shows, merch and so on. You can always hit me up if that's your game.